SiteX - The Quickest way to establish a web presence!
To see a sample of the web site that you can download Click here

Click here! SiteX is a professionally built web site which you can download and customize to suit you or your organisation. Inorder to customise SiteX you will require just a few minutes and a text editor like notepad. SiteX is suitable for internet, intranet and extranet. SiteX is designed for all platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX, MAC and so on.

SiteX comes in two versions - the HTML version which can be served on any webserver and the Coldfusion version which requires that the webserver runs coldfusion web application server.

Who Should Download SiteX
Anyone who wants to have a web site but who has neither the money to hire a web developer nor the time and expertise to build one by themselve OR a web developer who would like to use this portal as their foundation for a new site. Small businesses (restaurants, shops, building & construction companies, hair dressing saloon, software companies) and large corporates that would like to establish their web presence for the first time or that do not like their current web site, and would like to go for one that looks more professional. Religious, Cultural, Community, Gorvernmental & Non - Governmental organisations and Social clubs, as well as foundations. Academic institutions like Schools, Colleges, Universities and so on. Special interest groups, musical bands and so on.

After your order is complete you'll be able to download SiteX immediately!