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ReportX is an industrial strength software product that provides a generic interface for printing and managing crystal reports. Because it is bundled with the crystal reports print engine, you do not need to install crystal reports on the user's machine. ReportX provides the following:

  • Generic user interface for generating reports based on Seagate's crystal reports templates. This user interface is very simple and easy to use.
  • Provides user authentication, so that only the authorized members of the organisation have access to certain specified reports.
  • Enables an organisation of any number of users in a networked environment to access and print reports that are all placed at a single location for easy management.
  • Enables users to give meaningful name to their reports. Different users can each assign to the same report a name that is meaningful to them.
  • Maintains its own repository of report templates and provides the functionality for managing this repository, such as the ability to migrate repository from one location to another on the network and so on.

ReportX can be used as stand alone program with its own repository Or in a multi user network environment with a copy of ReportX running on each user's PC and pointing to a central report repository. ReportX manages this central repository.

Now Organizations can just acquire report templates and neither worry about the high cost of developing GUI applications to use these templates, nor worry about such things as access security to reports, reports location and version management. Developers and report writers can just design crystal templates and not worry about the user interface for printing them.

Who Should Purchase ReportX

  • Small businesses, large corporates and any organization that uses the Seagate Crystal Reports.
  • Software Developers and software companies.

Software Requirements:
ReportX works best with report templates designed by using the Seagate crystal reports version 7 or earlier.

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