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FilterX is designed to be used by an organization to screen its customers against watch lists. It is particularly useful for enforcement of international laws and regulations on Sanctions, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Terrorist Financing, as it can be used to identify restricted, sanctioned, prohibited and high-risk individuals such as known terrorists, money launderers, fraudsters, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and black-listed persons. FilterX will do this by screening customer records against regulatory lists including those from World-Check, OFAC, etc. FilterX is simple and easy to use, requiring no technical expertise. It is browser based, requiring no databases or any other software. FilterX software does not place any limitations on the number of records that can be processed.

System Requirements:
Any operating system that supports Internet Explorer.

Software Requirements:
Internet Explorer.

Installation is as simple as described below:

  • Create a directory C:\FilterX.
  • Unzip the file in that directory.
  • Copy customer records to the file - Customer.txt.
  • Copy Watch list records to the file - Watchlist.txt.
  • Double click the file SamSoft_FilterX.html.
  • A time stamped text file containing a list of blacklisted individuals who are your current or potential customers,is automatically generated.
  • A list of blacklisted individuals who are your current or potential customers, is also displayed on the screen.

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