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ErrorHandler is an easy to use 32 bit COM component that handles exceptions in Visual Basic applications and if the application is running on Windows NT platform, logs the error message or any other type of message( Warning, Success, Failure, Information etc.) to NT Event Log and registers it under its application's name. It provides the following services:

  • Detects the platform on which the application is running, and if Windows NT, logs above information plus. the UserID of the current user to the NT event log.
  • Logs any other type of event (Warning,Success, Failure, Information etc.) to NT Event Log and register it under its own application's name.
  • Displays meaningful error messages with the following information:
      • The module raising the error.
      • The subroutine raising the error.
      • The application raising the error and in case of an automation object, the name of the object.
      • Error number.
      • Error description.
      • Comments by the programmer.

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